Thursday, February 16, 2006

NETL Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Feb 2006

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Contents:, “US to Attend Asia-Pacific Climate Talks,”

Environmental News Service, “Bush to Request $52 Million
for Asia-Pacific Energy Partnership,”

US State Department Press Release, “Climate Change Partnership Looks to Private Sector for Help”

Wall Street Journal, “Coal Gasification Begins to

Bloomberg, “Australia's First Carbon Dioxide Storage
Project Set to Start,”

Nickle’s Daily Oil Bulletin, “Support Growing for CO2
Distribution Network,”

Nickle’s Daily Oil Bulletin, “CO2 Pilot Projects in Alberta,
Others Planned,”

AP, “Underground Basalt Promising As a Repository For
Excess CO2,”

The Enquirer (Cincinnati), “State Stays Mum on Future-Gen Site,”

Business Wire, “The US Department of Energy Provides
$310,000 Grant to ThermoEnergy to Begin Development
of Zero-Air-Emission Industrial Power

Greenwire, “Experts Urge Caution in Application of
New Methane Studies,”

SciDev.Net, “Global Warming: Plants Are Not To Blame,”

“Methane Emissions from Terrestrial Plants under AerobicConditions.”)