Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NETL Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Dec 2005

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Star Tribune, “Cleaning up coal: Promising new, cleaner

Greenwire, “In Florida, Residents Stop Proposed Power
Associated Press, “Carbon Dioxide Storage a Success.”

Oil & Gas Journal, “Weyburn project demonstrates CO2
sequestration, EOR.”

Special Announcement: Career Opportunity.

RigZone, “Statoil Says IOR Challenges Offer Potential for UKNorwegian

Presentations from the 2005 Gasification Technologies

“Unabated fossil-fuel use will replace polar ice with forests,
DOE lab warns.”

“Global Warming Supercharged by Water Vapor?”

Fox News, “FOX News Poll: Global Warming.”

Science Daily, “Western states to host first test of carbon
sequestration in lava rock.”

South China Morning Post, “Despite its problems, coal is here
to stay.”