Sunday, October 23, 2005

NETL Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Oct 2005

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Business Wire, “GE Energy, Bechtel Get Approval from AEP to
Proceed with Plans for IGCC Project; A Milestone for Cleaner
Coal Technology in the United States.”

New York Times, “Steps to Limit Global-Warming Gas.”

The Australian, Gorgon Project Reaches Environmental
Impact Statement (EIS) Stage.

.” “Radical method may
bury gas plant,”

PWR Newswire, “FutureGen Industrial Alliance Announced.”

Onpoint, “DOE Official Talks About FutureGen, explains
blueprint for DOE's zero-emissions coal plant.”

Delay of Effective Date for the 1605b Program
Revised Guidelines.

Change Policy

Details on Coal-Seq IV Forum.
“Heat Wave makes plants warm planet.”