Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NETL Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Sept 2005

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Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Coal becoming the hot fuel in
our energy future.

Business Wire, “Syntroleum and Linc Energy Plan to
Integrate Air-Based Fischer-Tropsch Technology with
Underground Coal Gasification.”

MyWestTexas.com, “Upcoming carbon management
workshop to focus on activity.”

The Oxford Press (Ohio), “Search is on way to trap
planet-heating carbon dioxide.”

Fuel Processing Technology, Special Issue on CO2
capture and sequestration.

Wall Street Journal, “To Cut Pollution, Dutch Pay a
Dump In Brazil to Clean Up; Kyoto Treaty Creates
Market In Gas-Emission Credits.”

SRiMedia, “Can the oil barons and big power companies
use emission credits from carbon sequestration to
finance clean projects?”

“Errors Cited in Assessing Climate Data.”

“Faster CO2 emissions will overwhelm earth's capacity
to absorb carbon.”

Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorizes suspension ofroyalty payments for CO2 EOR

The Navhind Times (India), “Climate Change Project.”

The Australian, “Safe, cheap storage of CO2 'some way

The Forum (North Dakota), “Non-CO2 technologies
would be the best option

“Designing a Greenhouse Gas Offset System for

Edinburgh Center of Excellence.