Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cost of Artificial Methods

From Wikipedia:

Cost of Carbon Capture and Storage

Capturing and compressing CO2 requires much energy, significantly raising the costs of operation, apart from the added investment costs. It would increase the energy needs of a plant with CCS by about 10-40%. This and other system costs are estimated to increase the costs of energy from a power plant with CCS by 30-60%, depending on the specific circumstances...

...the costs of CCS are dominated by costs of capture. The storage is relatively cheap, geological storage in saline formations or depleted oil or gas fields typically cost 0,5 - 8 US$ per tonne of CO2 injected, plus an additional 0,1 - 0,3 US$ for monitoring costs. However, when storage is combined with Enhanced oil recovery to extract extra oil from an oil field, the storage could yield net benefits of 10 - 16 US$ per tonne of CO2 injected (based on 2003 oil prices). However...the benefits do not outweigh the extra costs of capture.