Saturday, October 29, 2005

More On Cost of Artificial Methods (More MIT)

Another very detailed (115 pages) analysis from MIT, this time covering costs...

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The following storage options were evaluated in this study:

• Enhanced oil recovery
• Enhanced coalbed methane recovery
• Depleted oil reservoir storage
• Depleted gas reservoir storage
• Deep saline aquifer storage
• Ocean storage via pipeline
• Ocean storage via tanker

For each option, the CO2 source is a nominal 500 MWe gross Integrated Gasification Cycle (IGCC) plant, operating at an 80 percent capacity factor. This plant deliversof CO2 per day. Given this source of CO2, a baseline conceptual design was generated option. From the baseline conceptual design, capital and O&M costs, and an economic with several figures of merits were developed. These were then used to develop
life cycle analyses. In the case of the ocean storage options, it is assumed that three IGCC power plants to a shoreline collection point. Based on this, the ocean storage systems need to handle three times the quantity of CO2, i.e. 22,167 tonnes of CO2 per day.