Wednesday, November 16, 2005

NETL Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Nov 2005

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Environmental Finance, “New industry group aims to promote
carbon capture and storage.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “Coal-to-fuel proposal raises
environmental concerns.”

ElectricNet, “The China Huaneng Group Joins FutureGen
Industrial Alliance.”

Forbes, “Statoil CEO Lund sees UK-Norway collaboration on
carbon dioxide capture.”

Reuters, “Coal challenging gas as power-plant fuel.”

Reuters, “Clean coal Isn't Climate-Friendly Yet.”

Toledo Blade, “The battle is on to capture, store carbon

Seattle Post Intelligencer, “Washington State Proposes New
Power Plant.”

Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Workshop on GHG Emissions
Trading now online.

“World Temperatures Keep Rising With a Hot 2005.”

“The Truth About Global Warming.”

“Sun's changes play role in global warming.”

“Antarctic ice melts as sea warms but cause unknown.”

BBC News, “MP's clean coal energy solution.”

MSNBC, “Cleaner coal? Activists now say it’s possible.”

Oil & Gas Journal, “Australia seeks CO2 sequestration

RFA ANNOUNCEMENT: California Climate Action Registry.

CALL FOR TENDERS: Assessing carbon sequestration in
European forests.