Thursday, June 21, 2007

"It's Not Dumping Stupid!" -- It's Aquaculture

Lately there has been a lot of hysterics by some green organizations about Iron Fertilization. They call it "iron dumping".

Sorry folks, that is simply flat wrong. Iron fertilization of the oceans isn't dumping. That term is scientifically incorrect, ethically incorrect, and legally incorrect.

Iron fertilization is actually classified as a form of Aquaculture. More specifically, it is Algaculture -- a process where free-floating forms of algae (plankton and other diatoms) are grown in the open oceans. It's perfectly normal for such algaculture to make use of nutrient broth to help the little beasties grow.

There are people all over the world promoting algaeculture as a way of making "green" products, including biodiesel, something that is highly promoted and embraced by green organizations like the ones who are so frantically opposed to iron ferilization.

Double standard, or just a bit of confusion? Hmmm...

PS. Actually iron fertilization is better than aquaculture, because instead of removing the plankton you grow, consuming it as fuel, you are leaving it in place to feed to the fish and other ocean life. Vastly superior ecologically.