Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marine Science Dictated by Politics

After successfully attacking Climos and Planktos, the anti-science fanatics, neo-luddites, and environomental fundamentalists of the world have begun their move to supress any scientific investigation of iron fertilization science. They have been harassing the German government, the Indian government, and any other politicians they can find, who are vulnerable to such mob hysteria. Their goal, now acheived: to stop the latest research cruise of the Polarstern, conducted by Prof. Victor Smetacek

Thus politics and political correctness are used to block the free investigation of science.

Congratulations to the marine scientists of the world. You have allowed ideologues to distort this science, so that now, your ability to collect data and freely investigate has been blocked. When the environmental fanatics first attacked Climos and Planktos, you ducked and allowed them to dominate the press and the publicity around this issue. You allowed a completely dishonest, scientifically inaccurate, fearmongering view of iron fertilizaton to be spread throught the world. Now that dishonest view has become the accepted gospel.

Instead of the scientifically accurate view:

"Mother nature fertilizes the oceans with billions of tons of iron every year, and has been doing so for billions of years; iron can be vastly beneficial to help the oceans and the planet, let's understand more."

The world now believes this lie:

"Putting iron in the ocean is dumping. It's pollution."

Please understand that this is just the beginning. The ideologues have now seen that they can stop scientists working in areas that do not fit the politics of the day. What is next? Certainly ocean science experiments, from this point forward, will be subject to rules and regulations, dictated not by reason or honest risk assessment, but political correctness.

This is a sad turn of event for the discovery of her late Dr. John Martin. What would have happened, one must wonder, if Professor Martin had lived a little longer, to defend his discovery against such distortion?