Saturday, January 21, 2006

NETL Carbon Sequestration Newsletter Jan 2006

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Department of Energy Press Release, “FutureGen Project

St Louis Business Journal, “Illinois, Indiana join to attract
FutureGen project,”

The Engineer Online, “North Sea Rim Accord,”

The Fifth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration “Taking Steps Toward Deployment,”

CALL FOR PAPERS for the Fifth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration.

Science Daily and University of Michigan press release,
“Crystal Sponges Excel At Sopping Up Carbon Dioxide,”

RGGI Press Release, “States Announce RGGI MOU Today,”

Associated Press, “Connecticut Governor Says She’ll
Sign Regional Emissions Deal,”

Boston Globe, “No Agreement Reached on Regional
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Pact,”

Reuters, “US States Forge on With Slimmer Plan to Cut

The Boston Globe, “BP to Boost Renewable
Energy Funds,”

Greenwire, “Tall buildings could pose threat to carbon

Business Wire, “GreenShift Acquires
Rights to Patented Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Technology; New Strain of
Thermophilic Cyanobacteria Converts
Exhaust Carbon Dioxide Into Pure Oxygen
and Clean Water,”

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Terrestrial Sequestration in Forest and Cropland

Terrestrial carbon sequestration is the most accepted and embraced method. After all, who doesn’t like growing more trees, especially if one might get paid to do so?

Afforestation – growing trees on non forest land
Reforestation – re-growing trees on former forest lands
Soil Management – using the soil better so carbon dioxide stays put

For purposes of this article, we’ll also consider animal waste and human waste management (reduction of methane) as terrestrial carbon sequestration although it’s not carbon and it’s not sequestration. J

Reforestation and Reforestation:

Potential for Carbon Sequestration Through Reforestation of Abandoned Tropical Agricultural and Forest Lands

Reforestation by Wikipedia

Canadian Reforestation Coop


Powertree (Commercial Venture)

Treevitalize (Commercial Venture)

Big Sky Partnership (Commercial Venture)


Potential for carbon sequestration in European soils

US EPA Summary

Good Summary of Sequestration Rates

Soil Carbon Site