Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally A Balanced Article on Iron. Thank you Science Mag!

Over the past year I've been bemoaning the poor quality of the scientific debate surrounding iron fertilization. Much of the coverage, even in the scientific journals, is infected by hype, political posturing, and premature speculation by scientists who ought to know better. Yes, we must accept this sort of stuff from the environmental organizations and commercial entities who are pushing their sides of this argument, but academic scientists are not supposed to let politics bias their arguments.

Therefore it was with the most profound relief that I read yesterday's article in Science, written by Eli Kintisch. Finally... a balanced, factual article.

Now if we can just persuade other scientific journals and certain marine scientists to join this trend, perhaps the science behind iron fertilization can start making some progress.

Let the policymakers and politicians fight over the politics. Scientists stick to the facts and avoid speculations. That is my hope for the future.