Friday, May 04, 2007


Also in the recent press I've seen mention of Climos, Inc, another firm apparently set up to follow in Plankos' footsteps. Welcome Climos.

The firm claims to have signed up a stellar cast of scientists, but so far, they've shown little or nothing of their plans or their work.

I note that this company was set up by some other Silicon Valley venture capitalists. These folks are notorious for setting up "stealth" companies where only a single web page is shown, and all else is kept in deepest darkest secrecy.

I'd like to point out to the folks at Climos that this kind of secrecy, while it may work in the dot-com industry, is wholly inappropriate for something like iron fertilization. If you do indeed intend to participate in iron fertilization work, or any other related climate-change technology, then please don't try to sneak around in the background trying to avoid public attention. Declare yourself, tell us what you're doing, and take your hits with everybody else!