Thursday, December 07, 2006

DOE Carbon Sequestration Newsletter -- Dec 2006

(ed note: for those of you who have never read this newsletter, I highly recommend it. It's much better looking in the .PDF form than you would think, reading this blog. Check it out.)

Link here


DOE Techline, “DOE Project Injects
700 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Into
Texas Sandstone Formation;
Researchers to Determine the Ability
of Brine Formations to Sequester
Greenhouse Gas,” and United Press
International, “US Tests CO2 Underground
Storage Options.”

China Daily, “Nation Ready To Join US Future-
Gen Power Project.”

E&E News, “Idaho Considers Carbon Sequestering

Reuters, “Norway To Build World's Biggest CO2
Capture Facility.”

Energy Central, “ALSTOM, EPRI and We Energies To
Build Pilot Plant In the US To Demonstrate Its
Unique CO2 Capture Process,”

Central Valley Business Times (California), “Central
Valley May Be Site for ‘Carbon Repository’ In Global
Warming Battle,” and San Mateo County Times,
“Delta Explored As Place To Stash Carbon Dioxide:
Global Warming Solution Could Be To Put Gases In
Underground Caverns.”