Friday, August 04, 2006

Treehugger Ranks Carbon Sequestration Techniques

It's wonderful to see someone else covering this.

Treehugger Link

Personally I'm going back into Treehugger archives to see what else they've posted. The only beef I have is their use of the term "planetary engineering" and talking about the Giant-Sulfur-Cloud-In-The-Sky projects. Same thing with "Giant Mirrors" and other similar schemes. I think it's wrong to link Iron Fertilization and Geological Injection in the same category.

Why? Because Iron Fertilization and Geological CO2 injection are permanently removing the root cause of the warming from the environment. These sequestration techniques are therefore "persistent" and preventative. Energy conservation and renewable energy are even better yet, because they don't produce CO2 to begin with.

But the giant mirror/sulfur thing last only for a year or two and then has to be done all over again. It's a very poor form of life support for the planet. Better to focus on actual cures.

In any case...the Treehugger article is great.