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"FutureGen is a project of the US government to build a zero-emissions coal-fired power plant that produces hydrogen and electricity while using Carbon Capture and Storage.

FutureGen will be a 275-megawatt power plant expected to take 10 years to build and whose cost will be shared - $620 million by the Department of Energy and $250 million by a large consortium of coal mining and power industry companies. It will be operated as a research facility.

FutureGen will seek to sequester carbon dioxide emissions at an operating rate of one million metric tons per year in order to adequately stress test a representative portion of a geologic formation (with a capability up to two million tons per year). [1]

States have bid to host the demonstration project, and foreign participation has been solicited (since by 2020 more than 60% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are expected to come from developing countries) - as of June, 2006, South Korea and India had joined the U.S. in a partnership. [2]

In May 2006 seven states submitted proposals to host the FutureGen project. These sites are in or near:
Effingham, Illinois
Marshall, Illinois
Mattoon, Illinois
Tuscola, Illinois
Henderson County, Kentucky
Bowman County, North Dakota
Meigs County, Ohio
Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Odessa, Texas
Jewett, Texas
Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Gillette, Wyoming

Future plants based on FutureGen should qualify for several provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005."

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